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Meet Erin, a 27-year-old multi-faceted blogger, writer, podcaster and teacher who shares her wisdom through her inspiring mediums. As an English major and high school English teacher in her fourth year, Erin's passion for literature and language seeps into her writing, infusing it with eloquence and depth - but her creative, curious spirit extends far beyond the classroom. With an insatiable love for learning and a diverse range of hobbies, Erin has cultivated a unique perspective on life.


She has accumulated experiences and personal stories through her many lives as a radio show host, lead in a band, a painter, a skater, a frequent gym-goer, a person in the throes of long-undiagnosed OCD and anxiety, a young woman in the garden, a young woman in the forests of Appalachia, and so many more (as we all have). It is through her blog, podcast, and social media presence that she beautifully weaves together these many lives and her love for growth, wellness, and spirituality.


From insightful book reviews and literary analyses to practical tips for holistic (and realistic) well-being, Erin's "Lead to Gold" is a treasure trove of knowledge and inspiration. She effortlessly guides her readers on a transformative journey, encouraging them to embrace personal growth, cultivate mindfulness, and explore the mysteries of the soul. Join Erin on her captivating blog page, through her podcast series, or a scroll through her Instagram as she shares her multidimensional wisdom, inviting readers to embrace their own passions and embark on a profound path of self-discovery.


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