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Lead to Gold started behind a few simple ideas. Way back when, it was an Arcade Fire lyric that I liked, along the lines of love transforming the darkness of life. Then it became a mantra for the way my life was shifting and flowing: there's lead, the hard stuff; and there's gold to come once we alchemize it. It became a symbol - a bar of lead transforming to gold. The symbol became a tattoo on my left arm., reminding me forevermore. And here, in this space, the idea behind Lead to Gold is that we hold our personal power through whatever brings us light. For me, that's a load of different things. Like, loads. A lovely problem to have, really.

I always felt that I had too many hobbies - that I should probably tone it down and focus on the one thing I'm best at. Focus and produce. I was taught that we're not meant to dabble in a playground of activities. Our way of life sort of rejects it - you go through school, channeled in one direction or the other, you pursue the one thing you think will make you the most money, and then, if you're lucky, you make the money. But what about our evenings, our weekends, when we're off the clock? What about those things we love that don't make us the money? That which the doubtful voice may label as unproductive, immature, or pointless?


Too many hobbies? To many things to enjoy, and enjoy talking about? Reject THAT voice. What a tragic lie.

Here, we celebrate light. That light for me comes in the form of a longboard on a spring day, a feel-good guitar session, my high schoolers sharing their lives with me, a long, hot day in the garden, the taste of tomatoes we planted, a painting I'm proud of (I certainly don't consider myself a painter, but it sure is FUN). A quiet day to myself to rest and relocate the things in life that are working, or find my place among the universe. All the same, a night out at a concert where I can lose my mind dancing like an idiot, smiling like an idiot. It's all the same to me - it's light.


And though the posts on this page are centered on those activities and experience which bring me light, I want you to know that this journey is not in any way about me. No, no. This is about growth, healing, love and learning. This is a means to light the path for us all, toward freedom and peace of mind. To find gold. Whatever that means for you,

I hope you do more of it.

I hope to join you on your journey, and I'm so glad you're here.

🤍 Erin

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