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Time Capsule: Sagittarius 2021

Ahhhh...feels good to be honoring this time of the lunar cycle again. I can't explain it in full depth the way I feel it internally, but there is always a calling for awareness for the new moon, her darkness and emptiness, that is congruous with a calling inward. No sign has been made more clear in this past month, nor in Sag season so far, like this desperate, begging need to come back home to myself. Some days have felt almost scarily off-balance. I'll work so hard and fast during the week that by the time I reach the coveted, unplanned Sunday, I can't do much else other than turn into a vegetable. I'll send my social battery into overdrive, loosening boundaries and trying my damnedest to show up for absolutely everyone, that by the time I get home, I can't even have a full conversation with my partner. It's been so strong at times, it's hard to think of any explanation other than that the Universe is sending a clear sign. I have to slow down. I have to free myself from at least a few things holding me down.

Luckily, Sag is the season of FREEDOM!

It's also my moon sign, and if we fully lean into astrological ideals, we know that this means I'm feeling this new moon extra hard. I am literally being begged to show up for myself.

Before I get too into all of that esoteric stuff, I want to back up and just let you know: life truly is GOOD right now. If not extremely busy, fast-paced and hard to keep up with sometimes, it's honestly impossible to not feel blessed at every turn. The other night I was reading some old journals of mine from 2015 - my freshman year of college - and over and over, I saw myself yearning for everything I now have. She really didn't think she was going to get here, but here we are. When I get discouraged every so often, and I want more, or I want things to be different, I will now turn to my eighteen-year-old self for support. She didn't know it then, I don't know it now, but we will thrive down the line. We will have everything we want. It's beyond comforting, and at the end of the day, when head hits pillow, that's the feeling that lulls me to sleep.

So, anyway, the time capsule. 🍯 Here's what's been coming up through this lunar cycle thus far. I'd love to know if you've been feeling/seeing/hearing similar.

Colors: Though Sag is a fire sign, it's always felt more gentle to me than the others; rather than brights, I've been focused on soft white and grey and gold. I've noticed deeper blues. All is calm.

Feelings: Charged, then burnt. Maximum capacity. Overwhelm that melts into a quiet sureness. A hyper-awareness in the headspace, but nowhere in the body.

Changes: The best kind: those from the inside out. I've been going hard at the gym without even realizing, taking on the craziest days at work and absolutely nailing them, sometimes without any sort of premeditated plan. There is a silent and well-shrouded growth happening under the surface right now; I feel it deep down in there. It's like I've been giving myself a subconscious, months-long pep talk. I feel, and I hope for, an immense blossoming come spring.

Stagnations: You guessed it: still always tired. Still not eating the best, nor taking the best care of myself. Not getting a lot of time to be still, get present, plan for the future, and spend time within. But! Please see the second-to-last sentences in "Changes." I feel all of these on the edge of flight. Eating for more nourishment, making time to plan and journal and reflect, carving out more space to hang out with's all becoming realized. It's all coming in much higher doses. I've walked myself in the same circles and cycles of so many things for so long, and I am taking different steps, finally. I am breaking free.

Which brings me to Sounds: You guys, I have never made a more intentional time capsule playlist. When I do these, my biggest focus is on encapsulating the "vibe" for the current season; this is often a mix of current favorites that match the air of that time, or that capture the essence of the current sign/season. The Sag playlist followed these same guidelines, but it quickly unfolded as much, much deeper than that. The chosen songs have a common thread of pondering freedom. At the beginning - at the height of our anxieties and overwhelm - we see a doomed world and a hectic life, that nothing will ever be perfect, and therefore, nothing will ever be good enough. Is Magic Gone asks us just what we need to hear when we get up to that ledge. Is it really gone? Take a look around, and I'll bet you'll start to see things you never noticed before.

...just like that, we become free.

  • That Funny Feeling covered by Phoebe Bridgers has us standing right on the tippy top of that ledge, toes hanging over.

  • A bit down the line, after looking again for that magic, Dream Free by Sam Evian reminds us of the natural flow to things. We are free to get swept in it and not worry about the destination.

  • Top 5 by Tokyo Police Club finishes out the playlist with the most playful, optimistic nature I've heard from vocals in quite some time - I can't tell you how refreshing it is to listen to, you'll just have to see what you think. A song that reminisces without beating itself down, that asks, "Wait...why can't I have all that I want?" is one that truly wraps this season up in meaning. The answer is that you can. Start now.

Click here for the full playlist:

Intentions: I read a post earlier today that I liked - this time capsule is coming to you just two days after the new moon in Sag, but she has shifted over to Capricorn now - part of the post read "Capricorn calls out to the Sagittarius sun (which we are still under for a bit) and says, 'Show me your vision + I'll make a plan!'" I feel that this is an idea we could all get behind right about now. It seems most people in my life are scattered and spread thin. Maybe not in the same ways that I am, but congruently enough that it's noticeable. Do you feel this? Is it time to listen even closer for what the Universe is begging of you to hear? Is it time to work out a plan? I would love to know if, and how, these ideas have been showing up for you.

Until next time - be it another new moon from now, or later this week - call out for your freedom.


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