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Time Capsule: Leo 2021

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

Hi friends - big hugs to you all! Here we are again for another moon cycle, another time to celebrate and reflect...and it's a very special moon cycle at that. If you didn't know, this particular new moon in Leo also falls on the peak Lion's Gate portal of 2021, a day known for utmost luck, spiritual opening, and magic allllllll around. This year it's even more special for me in particular, because my dear baby brother is getting married on the very same day :,).

So the wedding/new moon/Lion's Gate is officially on August 8th - I'm writing all of this on the 6th because we are, of course, quite busy around here! I'm typing frantically while listening through the time capsule playlist on a hotel bed for one spare hour in between the rehearsal and dinner. My parents keep interrupting to ask questions, and my phone is blowing up nonstop with guests letting us know their ETA's. It's all crazy, but it's a wedding in the middle of Leo season - what else could be expected?

In all seriousness, this Leo season is really rushing by, and I desperately want to take a moment here with you to set this intention first and foremost, especially in the midst of all my crazy: slow down and enjoy. Take in every single beautiful moment. You don't want to miss it. Whatever you're doing, or not doing, I promise you don't want to miss it either! In all of this rushing around, and even in the pressure we put on ourselves just to have a relaxing summer, it's harder than ever to really sit and breathe, remembering where we are and what we feel so much gratitude for. So take a minute with me, right now. Reflect on your summer, on this past moon cycle: What have you been seeing a lot of? Any repeating signs or symbols? How have you felt, and how to do you feel right now? Are you breathing?

...breathe in, breathe out. Look around. Be wherever you are. Be here.

Sights/signs: Dusky, dusty afternoons paired with glowing red sunsets. Stifling heat. Moments of quiet and clarity - usually fleeting. Butterflies floating through so many of those moments, calling in presence and attention.

Feelings: Trying to stay in one place, but the universe won't allow it anymore. I gotta float along with those butterflies. I gotta come and go like each summer day does. It's okay to get a little swept up...just don't close your eyes in fear. Keep them wide open. See everything you can.

Colors: Gold, yellow and brown 💛🍯🧭🦁🐚🥇✨🤎🌻

Sounds: Airplanes overhead, bringing everyone home. Distant traffic. Music to call the closing of a special time, and maybe the beginning of something else. I don't know what it is yet, but for once I'm not anxious to find out.

This moon cycle's playlist is one of my favorites so far (six down, six to go for the year!). It encapsulates every feeling I go through around this time in the summer, when the notion starts creeping in that it's almost over. It starts off super fun and dancy with my returning favorites, Still Woozy and Remi Wolf - but the heat and summer nostalgia and even a bit of teen angst catches up toward the middle, giving a sensation of limited time; Steve Lacy is cryptic with the line "something bad is bound to happen; I don't know what but I feel it comin'. Despite the mixed feelings, it all ends softly and bittersweet with a dimly-lit tune appropriately called "Sunsetz;" enjoy it while you can. Relish in the taste of every last drop until the night sky drowns it out.

Check out the full playlist here! It's a real smash, if I do say so myself. I hope you love it.

Finally, and as always, a few intentions for the Leo new moon and the Lion's Gate portal: Summer isn't forever, and it may feel as if it's going too fast. Don't let that leave you frozen. Go where you are gently guided, and nowhere else. Truth be told, if you are able to listen for these subtle whispers and keep an eye out for the signs, there is actually no other option, no way to stray or stay stuck. Do not be afraid of the tide's pull. Do not be afraid of the path to your utmost success, your highest potential. You're already on that path. There is nothing more for you to do but to surrender and trust.

I love you. Happy Leo season; summer isn't over yet. 🌇

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