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Time Capsule: Gemini 2021

Hi! Wow, it feels like it's been ages. This past lunar cycle has been bringing so many trials and sooooo many gifts, like a long and dark and much-needed rainstorm. It's been hard to find even a few minutes to sit with myself and gather any thoughts or feelings, aside from picking the right pantry knobs for the new house or how my students aren't quite getting the whole "Works Cited page" thing, but we don't have time to go over it again. Whew. A whirlwind of wild, muggy, green and growing life all around me as of late. It's been a really special time, though I want to find a way to stop and watch it happen as it happens rather than get swept away in it. Though the time capsule is late this season - I usually post them on the full moon, and it's last quarter now 😵 - it's always better late than never. Take this little read as a few moments of solace to catch up with yourself. Grab a beverage, cozy up on the couch, breathe. Let's reflect a little. I'd love to know if any of these themes have been surfacing for you, too.

Feelings: Urges to burst out in laughter, burst out in tears or screams. Bursting at the seams. Getting to the end of a long chapter, or the final pages of an amazing and gut-twisting book. The bittersweet nature of such a time.

Colors: Specifically this color palette that makes me think of Venice, California in 1974. I've never been there, and I didn't even exist until 25 years later, but I can feel it somehow? Idk. It's gonna be a groovy-ass summer.

Inspirations: As a briefly aforementioned life update, I am about to move into my grandma's cute townhome not far from here, and we're in the process of remodeling and dreaming up design and decor. A mix of mid-century modern, quirky vintage pieces, colors of nature, grandma's token items we just couldn't part with, and all the cool parts of the various college living situations are what we're going for. I can't wait to see how it turns out. Outside of that (because, like I said, the moving process is taking up about 95% of my brain space currently), I feel as though I'm getting inspiration from everything. Everything I encounter, every person - like a sponge, I'm absorbing all things. It feels really exciting and a little overwhelming - if only I had more brain space!!

Setbacks: I'm so tired. Not in the same way that I have been; not in a way that makes me feel like I have to sleep all the time, just in a way that leaves me wishing I could do more, or build the stamina to do more. There is so much I want to do. I'm glad that this has shifted from a mindset of "There is so much I have to do," but even still...where is the time? When can I fit it all in?

Sounds: Brought to you by the smell of the river in late afternoon, the damp feeling of early summer post-rain, I give you this season's playlist! It's quite the grab bag, but it ended up being my favorite so far. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Peace Blossom Boogy: Babe Rainbow - Hello, more 70's summer vibes. I can't believe I wasn't a total blonde surf hottie in Venice in 1974 tbh - this song makes me feel like that was my past life.

  • I Know I'm Funny haha: Faye Webster - I've been a superfan of Faye's for five years now; like, I love her. She's perfect. This song is perfect. Her new album comes out on the 25th, and she'll be one of the first post-COVID concerts I go to. Did I mention I LOVE HER?

  • The Kiss of Venus: Paul McCartney + Dominic Fike - This is hands down my favorite song of Gemini season; I cannot get enough of it. So groovy, so happy, just makes me want to dance and get sassy. Also, Mr. McCartney is still killin' it. Check out the whole album for other awesome collabs with some modern, mildly underappreciated artists.

  • ...yes, you know I had to put some Olivia Rodrigo in there.

Click here for the full playlist :)

Finally, as we round out this lunar cycle, a few Intentions: Stay in your gratefulness; for it will only bring you more wealth in what truly matters. Stand back and acknowledge the good. Relish in it, squeal about it. Take the time to reap the benefits without feeling guilty. Enjoy what you deserve, and allow it to fill you.


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