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Time Capsule: Cancer 2021

Hello dears! If you've been following me on Instagram and/or keeping up with my posts for a while, you know it's been a crazy busy little chapter of life for me, hence the new level of quiet over here. I promise, there is so much I want to get writing about, and every day I'm building the routine that allows me to do so more efficiently. School has been out for about three weeks now, I've moved into the new house and love everything about it, and even though we're incredibly busy still getting things organized around here, I have since traveled quite a bit. My trip to Montana, Yellowstone and the Tetons was absolutely insane; it served as the reset week mentioned in my last post, which has allowed for an abundance of freedom and play in daily life after. I said yes to a spontaneous day trip to the beach just a few days after I came home from the west, and it ended up being the most perfect, fun and love-filled day I've had in years. Just yesterday, I came home from Charleston, South Carolina, where I joined in on my first bachelorette group and celebrated the marriage of one of my longest-lasting friends.

In short, life has been nothing but a blessing. I really can't believe where I am right now, compared to the low points of not very long ago. It feels like I'm getting some sort of euphoric whiplash.

So anyway, I've been gone for a bit. To accommodate, this time capsule is a little different from the others I've done since the start of Lead to Gold. The others were on the full moons, which is symbolic for a time of celebrating the things that have come to fruition in that particular lunar cycle. In other words, acknowledging what's new, what's working, and what's not in the current chapter. If you're tapped into the lunar calendar, you'll know that this one is coming to you just after the Cancer new moon - and new moons are more for retreat, reflection of those recent lessons, and intention-setting for the cycle to come. So here we are; I'm going to try doing the next few time capsules on their new moons, too, and see how it lands for me (and please share your thoughts or preferences!). Without further ado, here are the themes that have encapsulated this powerful Cancer season:

Feelings: Virtue, solace, stillness. Intensity in emotion, but also a strange disconnect from myself and others, like a thin veil over my skin...

Colors: All the colors of the ocean - blues, greens, browns and glistening tips of the water. Golden evenings and dusky skies.

Lessons: I've been reading and listening a lot, lately. I just finished Untamed by Glennon Doyle which I had heard about for over a year, and will now recommend to every woman I come across. Maybe even a few men. It got me craving more non-fiction and memoir type books, so I've been asking for recommendations (pls send), and while I wait for those to get here, I'm starting Women Who Run With the Wolves. I'm only 15 pages in, and it promises to be just as recentering to the divine feminine as Glennon's work. I'm soaking in all the information I can about uncovering my femininity, focusing on my health, and fine-tuning spiritual practice. I just want to feel so at peace and at home in this body and life.

Sounds: The cicadas have settled, so all that's left to hear is the thunder and the ocean, when I'm near to it. It's been quiet, overall. But the tunes have been good. Here's a few highlights from the Cancer season playlist:

  • A Dream With A Baseball Player - Faye Webster: In all honesty, please just go listen to the full album. I think her other singles have been featured on both the Taurus and Gemini playlists, but now the whole thing is out and it's incredible. I will say no more on this.

  • All Eyes on Me - Bo Burnham: Similarly, if you have not watched "Inside" on Netflix yet, please mentally prepare yourself for an emotional whirlwind and buckle in. It's such an impressive social commentary on quarantining amid massive social change and inner turmoil, I just cannot recommend it enough. I don't particularly find it funny, nor do I typically like his humorous music. This one is just good.

  • Preben Goes to Acapulco - Todd Terje: One thing I love that Spotify recently introduced is the Blend playlists you can make with your friends. I discovered this one through a Blend and it is pure electricity and FUNK. I dare you to not start playing air keyboard to it.

  • Interior People - King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard: They did it, guys. They put out yet another album that topped all the others. Just like Faye and Bo, I am going to strongly urge you to listen to the entire Butterfly 3000 album; it makes me want to play DDR in an arcade in Tokyo while on shrooms, then promptly go outside in the sunshine and frolic in a butterfly garden. U feel me?

Honorable mention, not on the playlist: Imma Be by the Black Eyed Peas has made a surprise resurgence and I have been listening to it at least once a day for the past two weeks. Anyway, click here for all the tunes leading me through the rest of this season:

Intentions (for the upcoming lunar cycle): On the official day of the new moon this month, July 9th, I took a moment away from the rowdy bachelorette group I was with on the beach, came into my own little space, and wrote in my journal. I thought I'd share a piece of it with you.

"Come on in, the water's fine."

  • Feel your body. Feel your feet on the Earth, maybe your back or butt or palms, too. Feel where your energy buzzes in that moment (right now, it's in your feet).

  • Look around and appreciate. A soft, pretty towl. One of your oldest friends. The ocean. The breeze. Colors. Earth.

  • Give in to aaaallll the senses.

  • Listen, rather than feeling the need to speak (you've been doing this a lot, lately, and it's a wonderful thing).

  • Be still and know. Practice this.

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