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Time Capsule: Aquarius 2022

Ah, the age of Aquarius. We're here again! It's the best time of the astrological year, in my opinion, to get out of our emotional bodies a little bit, and step instead into our critical-thinking headspace. It's a time to think outside the box and see our lives in a new way. Get a little unconventional. Try something new. I have certainly been feeling all of this, and the days surrounding the new moon, when sun and moon are both in Aquarius, has had me in a static, calm and clear mental state. I love it. I don't want to be anywhere else right now.

And on that note, Lead to Gold is turning one this week. Perfect timing. I can't believe it. The Aquarius time capsule marks a full circle of growth and lessons and series' of stops and starts and restarts, and if you've been here for any part of that journey, I want to thank you so deeply. I had so much to say and I needed to know others could hear me. Thank you for hearing me. This time capsule is dedicated to you. In writing them, I always try to collect the sensations I'm picking up from the world around me - some may call it a current, or an intuitive feeling, but I look at it simply as what's showing up in life at this moment. For this Aquarius season, I'm sensing calm and quiet. A very good kind of quiet that allows you to get steady and focused; though you may be tired or dulled from the winter cold, the clarifying quality of this chapter is one that we can all use to harness our stored energy and power for the chapters and seasons to come. I hope this resonates with you. Let's get into some patterns.

Colors: A cold, pale green from the outside world, and a rosy warm pink from the comfort of the home.

Feelings: Not many! As mentioned before, emotions are at a low - not that we are feeling down, but only that emotions in general are not at the forefront right now. There is, instead, a focus on mental clarity, awareness, and intentional silence. We are making space for the full picture. The physical body is waking up her senses, feeling into presence and please and spots that are sore, weak, or tired. It's time to adapt and accommodate. It's time to rise, slowly.

Changes: The stillness that occurs this time of year is so welcomed for the first time ever. Last winter was the first time I remember truly not wanting the season to end, but this time around, I've gone into the winter season so excited for the rest and quiet, and even the darkness. It feels good to do less. It feels good to step into a cozy home and have an uneventful evening. I know when spring comes I'll be ready for it, too, because I have lived this winter as a creature who hibernates, and it feels like the best way to do it. I'm so happy to say I look forward to a season that used to scare me. Winter and I have become friends.

Stagnations: In the same breath, we've been with winter for a little while now. The cold hasn't broken much here in Virginia - it's stayed cold since early December (which I also love, and I hope it stays cold until the end of this month and into Pisces season), and we are laying low with it. We haven't done much in a while. Though it doesn't feel as though it's getting old quite yet, I'm starting to wonder when the world will want its spark back. One of the sunlit hallways in my school smelled like spring, though. I had to open my windows in my stuffy classroom the other day, and the breeze was heavenly. I saw a bird's nest and the snow is melting. But we're not through yet, and winter isn't through with us. I wonder if we'll tire of each other soon. But it hasn't happened yet.

Sounds: Are you NOT loving the quiet and the stillness? If not, you might be a normal human with cabin fever - congrats! Here's a wacky, multi-genre playlist that, despite being a little "all over the place," I find still encapsulates the unconventional aspect of Aquarius season and of my loved ones born under it. Here are a few of my faves from it to highlight:

You Yes You - Tune-Yards: Not a new song by any means (this album came out in 2011, I believe), but one that came to me recently. It's clunky and silly and gets me going on the coldest days.

When I R.I.P. - Labrinth: Admittedly, this made the playlist along with "Still Don't Know My Name" 100% because I am deep in the trenches of the Euphoria universe and I know a bunch of you are, too 😉. But aside from that, I just fucking love his music. It's explosive and reaches both heaven and hell all at once. Each song turns unexpectedly, and it feels just like a long dark night on the highway.

New Shapes - Charli XCX ft. Christine and the Queens and Caroline Polachek: This song SLAPS and gets me in the perfect mood for bright, energetic mornings, and the promise of spring not too far ahead. It's exciting and sounds fresh and new, hence the title. I can dance to it, get ready to it, sing along with it, and dream about what's to come. It ends our playlist perfectly.

Wanna hear more? Click the album cover below!

A quick head's up: Time Capsules are changing a little bit here at Lead to Gold. I'm still going to do them because they are such a great way for me to check in with myself and for all of us to get a read on where we are right now. I hope that you've loved them and enjoy checking in with the current just as I do. And if you do, I'm going to start including them in occasional newsletters through my subscriptions! They won't be as frequent as they have been - maybe once a season instead of every zodiac change - but they will be packed with even more juicy detail and insight. I wanted to do this as an extra little treat for those who subscribe to my emails. So if you're interested in receiving these in the future (as well as private playlists!!), just add your email to the box at the end of this post :)

Lastly, as always, some Intentions for us all: Even if this season is not the kindest to you, I hope that instead of rushing through it and praying for its end, we can carve out a space to be still and plan ahead with presence. With care. Even when our physical lives are scattered, we can decide to clear a space and figure out a trajectory, a step-by-step guide, a path for the days and weeks and months to come. Use the gifts you have. Use what's available. Use it now and thank yourself for the opportunity. The world will pick back up again, soon enough.

I love you all so much. Thanks for being here with me.

- 💖

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